Friday, July 31

The Wedding Tree

Earlier today I came across an amazingly beautiful wedding on Once Wed, shot by photographer, Jonas Peterson. I really love everything about this wedding, the stark and subtle beauty of the white gallery space, the stylish details and the cool relaxed vibe of the whole affair. Especially cute was the guestbook, or rather, The Wedding Tree. Guests were asked to ink up their thumbs and make their mark on a poster sized illustration of a leafless tree. By the end of the wedding, the tree was full of little thumb-printed leaves, each signed by their creators. Such an original and creative spin on the guestbook and a wonderful keepsake for the happy couple! Not to mention, a super fun activity for the guests! Be sure to check out the whole wedding here the photographs are absolutely stunning.


Sprout said...

Well, you know I love this! Wish I had this idea three years ago...Hmmm...maybe another celebration?

Michelle May said...

love this to the moon!