Wednesday, September 29

A Master Calligrapher and Zentangle

{video via newsletter of}

The folks over at Zentangle, Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts are good friends of ours, and when I received this newsletter I had to share. LISTEN to the pen. SEE the penstrokes develop. LEARN the art of's so easy to create amazing pieces of art in little time, even if you have never drawn a thing in your LIFE. I love watching them teach and inspire.

If you get on their email list, you will be rewarded and inspired EVERY time you see it in your inbox. Their blog and content is so very wonderful and creative. You will see your surroundings in a whole new way as they take you on pattern seeking explorations of their own. Look on their site for cool workshops all over the world. Zentangle is spreading like wildfire, no wonder why. Thank you Rick and Maria for this inspiration. More please!

Visit their website for more information and materials for learning the art:

Thursday, September 16

Lush Ribbons from Unveiled

{Image of Unveiled Suite # 15, called Lex courtesy of Checkerboard}
Just released from Checkerboard, coming soon to eInvite!

Post Cups from Bailey Doesn't Bark

Today, I came across these really great mugs from bailey doesn't bark. You can personalize the little post card area and send them out. Here is a personal touch that lasts and lasts. Everytime girlfriend (or boyfriend) has a tea or coffee, thoughts of sender (you) enter in. Fun. The cutest gift!
Hit up their blog for some other cool images and a view inside the company. {*Love her aesthetic.}