Wednesday, May 27

Hot Color Espresso Style

{image via}

Pantone color, that is! How cool are these pantone expresso cups? Dish out color profiles for breakfast or mix up your palette daily. They are available in hot or cool hues. {Lu-uve these!}

Sweet Summer Stationery on Sale

By Stacy Claire Boyd! As a follow up to Emily's post, grab some of these adorable customized thank-you notes and pads in summer hues at 15% off for the last day. Cute for kids' correspondence, these notes are also versatile enough for anyone who enjoys a little touch of classic gingham, plaid, polka dots or stripes. They remind me of summer fruits like the specimens from Martha Stewart's Fruit Decorations and Favors slideshow. Never needing to be dusted or tossed, fresh fruit is delightful and delicious as an edible gift for guests at your next baby shower, bridal shower, summer party, or wedding.

Monday, May 25

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is obviously a day of remembrance and respect, but many of us also spend the evening (after the parades and speeches) with a bit of BBQ. And as such, I just have to point out an invitation by Meri Meri; while I don't usually pick out actual products to discuss in my posts, this one is just too cool (or hot?) to be missed: the BBQ King.

Check it out...

Friday, May 22


Just back from New York... details to follow! For now, a taste of typical NYC with a sea of yellow cabs and a deli stand with gerberas. Also, shots from inside Javits Center at the National Stationery Show.

Tuesday, May 19

Sand and Sea: A Wedding Aquatic

As refreshing as cool, clear water, aqua and teal tones are always a perfect compliment to rich ivory, sand, and gold tones. The stunning Crane & Co. Ecru Lettre Kensington Card invitation ensemble with "Peacock" ink (center left) and the rich teal Dots & Stripes Border card by eInvite that could accompany as the save-the-date (center right), are the pieces that first inform guests of your aquatic affair. Whimsical octopus earrings from Anthropologie are an unexpected delight. Beach glass vases of varying heights would pair nicely with sea grass braided storage baskets holding programs or fans (bottom, both from West Elm). Finally, offers ideas for a seaside placesetting, with plates that seem to hold the ocean's bubbles, and sand dollar cookies as a cute take-away favor (top left and right).

Friday, May 15

Outdoor Spaces

{images via marthastewart}

Grape arbors covering tables, bottles of wine with cheese and bread conjure up some great memories. A perfect spot for friends. While the winding path of hosta lusciousness reminds us that there are many species of a plant.When used like this, the magnificent leaves of green create a dramatic jungle of texture and color. Hosta lines up the walk are not my thing, but these just make me want to venture down that path. Into a private riad, nestled in a corner of your space, this simple canopy can be your's with twenty bucks, a drop cloth, bamboo stakes and some rigging from your local.
Get out!

Wednesday, May 13

Stacy Claire Boyd Stationery

Just a reminder that eInvite is offering 15% savings on Stacy Claire Boyd stationery until May 27th. So, be sure to check out some of these super cute designs as they would make a wonderful shower gift for any Momma to be!

All items are by Stacy Claire Boyd and are available from

Unbridled Color

{images: bride and groom via Michèle M. Waite, tropical orchid cake via instyle weddings; thistle via artsy_t on flickr, purple girls via instyle weddings}
Letting go is sometimes hard. Like letting go of the last oreo cookie, sending your youngest off to preschool, saying goodbye to your college friends at graduation, and letting go of thoughts that everything has to match exactly for your wedding.
From the invitation accessories to the bridesmaid's dresses, color variation is so acceptable and exciting. I find it so interesting and captivating, leaving your guests to wonder what is coming next. I love spicing up the palette with some unexpected and interesting details, like the girls here looking so vibrant in their array of magenta to plum. The bride and groom photographed by Michèle M. Waite in front of this wall of color, reminds me that variation is key.
Variations are found everywhere in nature, so run with it and create a slendor of unexpected excitement. Jumping over to Simply Seductive today, I found some more subdued lavender inspiration.

Tuesday, May 12

Orange Blossoms

The bright orange and white contrast of the Dandelion Dance invitation by einvite inspired this collection of images. The cocktail infusion party favors from beaucoup are an interesting idea for a spring or summer wedding, bridal shower, or party - and the packaging is irresistible. The profusion of petals that constitutes a dahlia and the pile of pots (images via make me smile and get excited about the new blooms popping up!

Monday, May 11


Perhaps you have noticed the abundance of coral inspired pieces on the market right now. They range from silhouettes of the shape to vibrant colored jewelry. My favorite is the color combination of coral and teal, like in the Williams-Sonoma Pillows and Invitation shown here. The colors instantly transport me to a tropical getaway!

{L to R from top: Embroidered Coral Pillows, Williams-Sonoma Home; Coral Informal, Checkerboard; Amrita Singh Chandelier Earrings in Coral, Pink Mascara; Thomas Paul-Flock & Coral Cotton Tote, 2modern; Oscillating Coral Necklace, Anthropologie; Lovely Sea Coral,}

Sunday, May 10

Mother's Day

There is a long standing myth that Mother's Day was created by the greeting card industry to make easy money from dutiful children. This is, indeed, a myth. Mother's Day was, in fact, envisioned by Anna Jarvis of West Virginia in the early part of the 20th century, between the years of 1907 (approximately when Anna Jarvis began her campaign to recognize mothers) and the year 1914, when President Wilson proclaimed it a day of observance.

Anna Jarvis used (and trademarked) the white carnation as the symbol of Mother's Day. She also trademarked the phases "Second Sunday in May" and "Mother's Day." The actual day became quickly commercialized and exploited for financial gain. Ms. Jarvis was so profoundly offended that she took up quarrels with the Governor of New York and Eleanor Roosevelt for perceived abuse of the day of recognition.

It was Anna's belief that Mother's Day should be a day of recognition, and was of great importance to her as it marked the anniversary of her own mother's death. She spent her entire life fighting a battle to keep Mother's Day for mothers, a message that is now somewhat lost amongst the din of commercialism.

So, in honor of Mother's Day, and on behalf of Anna and children everywhere, thank you, Mom. You made us who we are today.

source: Vancouver Sun, Louisa Taylor, Canwest News Service

Friday, May 8

Summer fun

All the excitement around summer approaching makes me think of limitless possibilities on the grill!
Check out this awesome modern portable grill from I found it on designdish.
Folds up to the size of a notebook! I love the design.

and all that talk about grilling makes me want to try this delicious recipe I found on
Happy grilling!

Thursday, May 7

Rainy Dayz

“Rain, rain, go away, come again another day”…and that day apparently, is today, tomorrow and likely Saturday for us New Englanders. Although rainy days can take their toll on the springtime spirit, they can be great for rejuvenating the soul. Like they say, “every dark cloud has a silver lining” and rainy days are great for staying indoors, sipping tea, reading a good book, or just plain doing nothing! Rainy days offer up an opportunity to relax, reflect and appreciate the sunny days when we have them. So sit back and celebrate precipitation with some of these super cute rainy day items! I do believe, the small print by Etsy seller Blancucha, can brighten any cloudy afternoon!

{Images from L to R}
Rainy day Cushion from Donna Wilson
Wonderland Glass- Sky from Donna Wilson
DIY Project: Tin Letterpress Clock as featured on Design Sponge
Hello Lucky Greeting Card Variety Pack available at eInvite
Rainy Days porcelain vases from Meyer Lavigne
Rainy day small print by Etsy seller Blancucha
Rainy Day Applique Necktie by Etsy seller SugarLust
Floating cloud Necklace by Etsy seller A Little Luster

Wednesday, May 6

The Art of Hunter Stabler

{images of artwork by Hunter Stabler found on notcot}

So we survived the El Diablos, although I am feeling a little "tired" today...{wink}. The delicious food, drinks and laughter of friends was a great way to spend a Tuesday evening. I hope a little Cinco de Mayo went on in your house too. On my way home from work I stopped at the market to pick up some fresh cilantro and I saw another reveler with her cart full of taco ingredients. You have to love the connection to those who understand how to take advantage of little things for the huge impact fun can have in your day to day. I am lucky to work with people that are all revelers. In fact, I think it's a necessity for most positions. We all wear our party pants everyday.

So, here we have the paper party for Papershapers by Hunter Stabler. A celebration of intricacy and detail, layered over more of the same. He has an MFA from Penn in painting, but can handle an exacto like a magic laser wand. I have some extensive experience with the exacto myself, and let me just say that his love for detail and his patience for grandeur are commendable to say the least. Precision is key, and Hunter Stabler looks like a master. I just love the huge scale and the repetitive patterns that create a mesh of texture, creating paper laced insanity for the eyes.

Tuesday, May 5

Cinco de Mayo, eInvite style

{image via jim franco}

Around here, we don't always need a reason to celebrate, but Cinco de Mayo gives Tuesday a good vibe. We have some tequila officianados here. One in particular was willing to share her list of fav agave spirits.

On the subject of mexican cocktails, I knew where to go. I asked KD to send me her list, and within a minute, there they were! "My favorite tequilas…Corozoné, Patron and there’s a lovely Damiana flower infused one called Agavero which is like a dessert in a glass. These are all reasonable buys. On the pricer side of things I enjoy Patron's Gran Burdeos and Don Julio Real…. Yummie yummie!!!!"

El Diablo, is her signature death potion, served to enthusiastic guests are her home, otherwise known as the Alamo. Two sips and you are good to go, unless you fall in love with the flavor and sell your soul as I did. This delicious concoction consists of "tequila, cointreau, pomegranate juice and pink grapefruit juice… proportions are “flexible” HA! Squeeze of lime and you’re good to go!"

********WARNING: the bite is completely masked by the sweet and sour goodness.*********

To balance the El Diablo evening off with some nutritional substenance, we are grilling lime and chili chicken with a splash of tequila, marinated salsa chicken, spicey shrimp and grilled spiced veggies, and mango bean ensalada with cilantro and chilis. Guacamole with tons of fresh cilantro and tangy squeezed lime. Oh, and let us not forget the spicey garlic and beet puree and syrian to start. Yes, I have completely ignored the mention of tastey margaritas with full intent. They will be there and they will be good, but El Diablo has me preoccupied.

{If we make it to work tomorrow, we will let you know how everything was.}

Thanks KD!

Pretty Plum Pocket

The line of pocket invitations by Marsupial on eInvite caught my eye today. Tucking all the pieces of a wedding ensemble into a neat little pocket and sealing with a custom seal definitely makes for stunning presentation. I couldn't resist pairing this plum pocket with the elegant Badgley Mischka bridesmaid's dress found on and the amazing reception floral branch table centerpiece featured on Style Me Pretty.

Monday, May 4

Artist Flora S. Bowley

{Witnessing Skies of Birds, acrylic on canvas, 48"x60"}

This past week I came across the work of
Flora S. Bowley via Design Milk and I am completely enamored. Her use of color and the combination of organic and abstract images is amazing. She lives and works in Portland, OR, but shows her work throughout the US.

{Rainwash, acrylic on canvas, 47"x62"}

In addition, she offers a unique service of “Wedding Paintings”, where she will attend your wedding ceremony and paint her “interpretation of the event, highlighting symbols, surroundings, colors, flowers and words that make the union memorable.” That may be the greatest wedding gift ever. For additional information and work, visit

{Morning Magic, acrylic on canvas, 48"x52"}

Friday, May 1


Talk about swanky place to sip your morning coffee or evening cocktails! Emily's post on BBQs and this decks and terraces article in Elle Decor, gets me excited about springtime!