Monday, May 4

Artist Flora S. Bowley

{Witnessing Skies of Birds, acrylic on canvas, 48"x60"}

This past week I came across the work of
Flora S. Bowley via Design Milk and I am completely enamored. Her use of color and the combination of organic and abstract images is amazing. She lives and works in Portland, OR, but shows her work throughout the US.

{Rainwash, acrylic on canvas, 47"x62"}

In addition, she offers a unique service of “Wedding Paintings”, where she will attend your wedding ceremony and paint her “interpretation of the event, highlighting symbols, surroundings, colors, flowers and words that make the union memorable.” That may be the greatest wedding gift ever. For additional information and work, visit

{Morning Magic, acrylic on canvas, 48"x52"}

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Michelle May said...

I love these paintings more everytime I look at them. The colors and excitement are harmonized in them - just amazing! Good score Erin!