Tuesday, May 5

Cinco de Mayo, eInvite style

{image via jim franco}

Around here, we don't always need a reason to celebrate, but Cinco de Mayo gives Tuesday a good vibe. We have some tequila officianados here. One in particular was willing to share her list of fav agave spirits.

On the subject of mexican cocktails, I knew where to go. I asked KD to send me her list, and within a minute, there they were! "My favorite tequilas…Corozoné, Patron and there’s a lovely Damiana flower infused one called Agavero which is like a dessert in a glass. These are all reasonable buys. On the pricer side of things I enjoy Patron's Gran Burdeos and Don Julio Real…. Yummie yummie!!!!"

El Diablo, is her signature death potion, served to enthusiastic guests are her home, otherwise known as the Alamo. Two sips and you are good to go, unless you fall in love with the flavor and sell your soul as I did. This delicious concoction consists of "tequila, cointreau, pomegranate juice and pink grapefruit juice… proportions are “flexible” HA! Squeeze of lime and you’re good to go!"

********WARNING: the bite is completely masked by the sweet and sour goodness.*********

To balance the El Diablo evening off with some nutritional substenance, we are grilling lime and chili chicken with a splash of tequila, marinated salsa chicken, spicey shrimp and grilled spiced veggies, and mango bean ensalada with cilantro and chilis. Guacamole with tons of fresh cilantro and tangy squeezed lime. Oh, and let us not forget the spicey garlic and beet puree and syrian to start. Yes, I have completely ignored the mention of tastey margaritas with full intent. They will be there and they will be good, but El Diablo has me preoccupied.

{If we make it to work tomorrow, we will let you know how everything was.}

Thanks KD!

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Alita said...

I've got some great ideas for the weekend and to welcome warm weather! Thanks ladies :)