Wednesday, May 6

The Art of Hunter Stabler

{images of artwork by Hunter Stabler found on notcot}

So we survived the El Diablos, although I am feeling a little "tired" today...{wink}. The delicious food, drinks and laughter of friends was a great way to spend a Tuesday evening. I hope a little Cinco de Mayo went on in your house too. On my way home from work I stopped at the market to pick up some fresh cilantro and I saw another reveler with her cart full of taco ingredients. You have to love the connection to those who understand how to take advantage of little things for the huge impact fun can have in your day to day. I am lucky to work with people that are all revelers. In fact, I think it's a necessity for most positions. We all wear our party pants everyday.

So, here we have the paper party for Papershapers by Hunter Stabler. A celebration of intricacy and detail, layered over more of the same. He has an MFA from Penn in painting, but can handle an exacto like a magic laser wand. I have some extensive experience with the exacto myself, and let me just say that his love for detail and his patience for grandeur are commendable to say the least. Precision is key, and Hunter Stabler looks like a master. I just love the huge scale and the repetitive patterns that create a mesh of texture, creating paper laced insanity for the eyes.

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