Friday, February 27

Happy Friday!

I just fell in love with this wall-art from Pottery Barn. Usually, I'm not a fan of pre-fab artwork, but this, I could totally see in my studio or even in my home-office (if only my home-office wasn't also my itty bitty kitchen). The rather large image of such a small object makes me wanna grab a pencil, draw a quick sketch, or write a kind note to a friend. Here's to enjoying the little things on a big scale this weekend!

Thursday, February 26

Painterly Florals

Spring is just arround the corner and I can't help but be inspired by these lovely hand-painted florals. Maybe it's because it's 71 degrees in the office right now, but I swear, I can almost feel the warm air and smell the spring grass when I look at these images...just almost.

Images from L to R:
Japanese Blossoms Journal from Galison, available at eInvite
Blooming Trio Invitation from eInvite
Works by Naomi Ito
Whitewell Fabric from Designers Guild

Tuesday, February 24

The Best of Tradition and Technology to 21st Century Brides

Just released on the Enhanced Online News (EON) is the announcement of eInvite's alliance with A union that enables people to get the latest in design and technology, the two bring together beautiful invitations and accessories paired with matching websites.

From the EON press release:

An easy, affordable partnership packed with value

The whole process is a snap—’s patented online proofing system and attentive customer service staff take the worry and guesswork out of placing the invitation order and offers the largest selection of features in an easy-to-use format that makes it possible for anyone to create a highly customized website that looks professional. In these troubled economic times, it is more important than ever to those who are planning their weddings to get the maximum value for their dollar, and both and offer their products in a variety of reasonable pricing options. In addition to cost-saving opportunities, the partnership is the perfect option for those looking to be more green-conscious in their wedding planning; eco-friendly brides-to-be can choose to print only the most important elements of their wedding, such as invitations and programs, while using online capabilities for save the dates and response cards.

“I have been so pleased with the experience,” said Lisa Williams, an Atlanta-based woman using the service to help plan her summer 2009 wedding. “The invitations I’ve selected fit my personality to a tee, and it’s such a bonus to have a matching website that was simple to design yet looks so polished. And that’s not all—this experience has allowed me to save money in ways I hadn’t considered—by setting up my RSVPs online, for instance, instead of ordering response cards—an added bonus for this cost-conscious bride!”

eInvite wants to make this process easy for you and takes the hastle out of ordering. We also offer etiquette assistance for those that aren't quite sure about wording, accessories, assembling, mailing and also provides a glossary of terms to take the guess work out of ordering.

Our online proofing is so quick and easy and allows you to even send a proof off to friends and family.

A Balance of Warm and Cool: Yellow and Pewter

I was inspired to appreciate the warm and cool contrast of yellow and gray by the Enchanting invitation by einvite and the new shimmering pewter high neck dress from J Crew. I love the way gray offsets the sunny hue, tones it down and makes these vintage styles feel fresh and contemporary. Earrings and shoes also from J crew; calla lily bouquet found on Project Wedding.

Monday, February 23

A Creative Wedding

Inspiration for this board was driven by the trends that I have been seeing and love the idea of getting creative with color, patterns and mixing it up a bit. Everything does not have to match, in fact the unexpected combination adds interest and originality. I was loving Adoniram and Payal's posts about the use of black and white and got to thinking about patterns and mixing them to give an ecclectic and artistic impression. A simple blue and green wedding plan can be alot more exciting if you incorporate patterns. The black and white damask on the beach was so stunning, it made me want to do it at home.

{man feet with argyle socks via greenweddingshoes, cake via, colorful ethnic pillows via designers guild, flowers and grass bridal bouquet via, the lantern via, and the polymer and silver handmade cuff links by Molly Shattuck Thomas of Providence, the damask beach wedding via and invitation via}

Lady in Red

If you are looking for a way to make a statement with your wedding, take a cue from the leading ladies of the Oscars and go red! In Chinese culture red is the color of happiness and prosperity and may be used to attract good luck. Perfect wishes for any wedding day.

{L to R: Virginia Madsen in Kevan Hall, Amy Adams in Carolina Herrera, Heidi Klum in Roland Mouret, Phoebe Cates in Sorelle Firenze, Amanda Seyfried in Valentino}

I love black and white too!

Adoniram’s post made me think of this awesome Hello! Lucky letterpress invitation on eInvite.

Saturday, February 21

Black and White Style

I have to admit it, I love black and white, particularly when it's stark and severe. It's a trend that seems to come and go, but always has an undercurrent of popularity. There's something both classic and modern about black and white juxtaposition.

Maybe it's a certain fascination with the written word and typography too; black ink bound by white negative space. There's a pressure and an energy that surrounds such extreme contrast. I think you can find this feeling in many media, and lately I've been listening to Ladytron's latest album, Velocifero. The whole album, both in sound and imagery, has this interplay between the heavy weight of sound and the absence of it. Even the band itself, if you're not familiar with them, is a gigantic fusion of culture (Bulgarian, Polish, and British core members). Just check out the photography for one of the singles off the album, Runaway:

Of course, the strong interplay of black lines and white space doesn't have to mean ultra-modern style or electroclash music. Some of our wedding invitations have the same graphic sensibility, that meld transglobal culture and simplicity. Even better, you can get this unique sense of style and save a ton of money on eInvite with a wedding invitation like our Black Decorative Edge...

It's said that your invitations should be between 3-5% of the total cost of your wedding. Imagine having a wedding with a strong style identity like this that only cost thousands instead of tens of thousands. You could spend those savings on the perfect dress, like a Marchesa 2009 wedding dress that has the same design sensibility as many of our low-cost eInvite wedding invitations. Marchesa uses an incredibly bold border to the train and drape of the dress, just as our custom-designed borders frame our more modern invitations.

Such bold statements aren't for everyone, but it doesn't matter if you're lavish or minimalist, you can always be stylish.

Friday, February 20

Sushi Art

I love sushi and had to share these cool photos! Amazing florist, Sprout in Worcester created this fabulous sushi bouquet for the Worcester Art Museum.

and check out these cool sushi pillows from

Inspiration from Designers Guild

Today I am inspired by Designers Guild. Damask, sheer fabrics, textured fabrics and neutrals mixed with pop colors create exciting focal points and interest. I am so glad to see so much texture, making clothing and home decor so much more dimensional.

Delicious Centerpieces

The other day, I was chatting with my girlfriend about centerpiece ideas and she wanted to do something edible, maybe something with chocolate :) I’m always impressed when a hostess makes that extra effort to style the table with a beautiful centerpiece. Edible centerpieces can be really unusual and fun, and if they’re good, they’ll be gone before the party’s over!

{great centerpieces from martha stewart weddings and sprinkles cupcakes}

Thursday, February 19

Personalized Postcard Pillow

While on the subject, I came across this cute personalized postcard pillow on Cribcandy.

Wednesday, February 18

How to shine in this gloomy economy

Invest in yourself and come out ahead of the pack! Choose from a wide variety of unique and colorful cards for use as business cards, contact cards for networking, mommy cards for playdates or personal use. Reinvent and refresh your contact with the world!

The Art of Handwritten Notes

Lately, I have been thinking alot about handwriting and the sending of notes. I don't know if having two teenagers texting nonstop has anything to do with the feelings I have, but I feel a surge of energy to instill a value in them. The art of the handwritten note is a valuable tool that I feel my children should know, understand the value of and use in their daily life. I have to say, that I too should be more diligent in my self expression.

We are in a digital age, but I think the value and the impression is by far more meaningful than other ways of long distance communication. I love recieving notes! They make me smile. I can't wait to open the envelope and see what's inside. I love looking at the writing and feeling connected to the person. It is so inspirational.

These days there is a feeling of regrouping, simplifying and mindfulness. I like it. People want to make a difference and letterwriting is the perfect touch. Now if the teenagers would just stop the texting.

{The Art of the Handwritten Note by Margaret Shepherd available at, handwriting samples right top and bottom via, setlist of Bob Dylan via}

Tuesday, February 17

Personalized Gifts: Custom Stampers and Stationery

I was looking for a great gift on, something personal, thoughtful and that would definitely be used for a long time. I've found giving personalized items always puts a big smile on people's faces - seeing one's names or initial elegantly inscribed gives a nice feeling of being appreciated.

These custom stampers allow you to enter in a name and address and have the info perfectly arranged into the stylish layout instantly (it's fun to play around with the many styles and instant previews!) This is definitely a useful gift that will be loved by people who just moved or are getting married. In addition, personalized notecards would be a great accompanying gift, coordinate your custom stamper's ink choice with the card and you have a perfect present!

Monday, February 16

A Wedding Palette

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon helping my friend plan her August wedding. She has chosen a wonderful color palette of black and white with pops of bright pink and orange. I think it will be fabulous for her outside evening wedding.

{L to R from top: Mi Mi Design; Silk Chifon Twist Tank Dress, J Crew; Citrus Vodka, Martha Stewart; Boutonniere, Jennifer Dery; Rebecca Thuss; Mi Mi Design}

Friday, February 13

Have a great weekend!

Have a fun weekend!
{image via fffound}

Beautiful Monograms

Beautiful monograms can make something simple so exciting. Weather your choice is classic, ornate or modern, it’s a great way to add style and a personal touch to just about anything.

{cashmere throw on leontine linens}
{stenciled chocolate cakes from martha stewart weddings}
{wedding invitation and personal stationery on}

Wednesday, February 11

Wedding and Party DIY Ideas

There are so many ways to make a wedding or party more personal. I always find it impressive when someone takes the time to individually construct the favors, the flowers, or the decorations. I recall my fiance's cousin's wedding when each guest received one of the bride's amazing homemade cookies inside of a tiny box she constructed and adorned. While this might not always be easy, einvite offers templates for favors to print on cream or white cardstock, including the one shown below at The individual terrariums (found on design*sponge) would be perfect for the green-thumbed crafter having a smaller wedding or event with a garden theme. offers mixes of coordinated wedding flowers at a low price to arrange yourself, and has all of the most popular blooms. Finally, the variation in color and size of the river stone "placecards" found on makes for an interesting and fun display, and calls to mind the simple joy of bringing together all the different and unique folks you love on your big day.

Monday, February 9


I love the idea of going beyond a typical floral arrangement for a wedding centerpiece. It is unexpected, can tie in to your whole wedding “theme”, and is a great way to save money.

{Tree via Martha Stewart; Oranges via; Lantern via Rebecca Thuss; Floating via Rebecca Thuss; Apples via {frolic!}; Branches via Martha Stewart}

Sunday, February 8

Complementary Color

Spring is not far away, and to get myself through these last few gasps of winter, I have been watching color intently. We all know canary is going to be popular this year, and why not? One simple way to get great, powerful color out of your decor is to pair complementary colors. Canary is mostly in the yellow portion of the color wheel, so its complement is purple.

This is one of my favorite color combinations, and complementary colors are always popular amongst designers because they resonate with the public. Check out how Borum Linens pairs their beautiful "Sultan" patterned tablecloth with tableware:

Now, maybe it wouldn't be a traditional wedding, but imagine your reception decorated in this luxurious color combination. Take a look at this beautiful invitation by eInvite:

The impact that complementary colors make is always impressive and easy for anyone to admire. Watch what happens these next several months, as I believe that popular colors like canary will inevitably lead to more complementary combinations.

Friday, February 6

Stationery with Style

A fantastic liner for your personal stationery is a great way to express your personal style. Choose the one that's right for you!

{crane and co. stationery on}
{diane von furstenberg 'paige' dress at nordstrom}
{sandals at urban outfitters}
{juicy couture 'blooming' bracelet at nordstrom}

Thursday, February 5

Social Butterfly

It’s amazing how you can gain a new appreciation for something when you see it out of its normal context. When I saw this photograph that my friend Manya took in France, I gained a whole new appreciation for the monarch butterfly. As a dress, the wings of a monarch became more about pattern and color than about a flying insect that feeds on flowers. The black and white dots, bold orange patches, and powerful black lines inspired me to think outside the insect box. I thought wow, what a fantastic combination, so bold and fun, perfect for that social butterfly looking to flutter her way through a party!

Images from Top L to R:
Timeless Butterfly ring from Free People
Soutache Pebble Dot Top from Charlotte Russe
Kenneth Cole New York Black Elastic Tiered Tooth Bracelet available at
Chinese Laundry Woman’s Nuance Pump available at
Blank Skinny Classique Jeans in Orange available at
Blu Bijoux Orange Lucite Circle Earrings available at
A Surprise Party Invitation from Checkerboard Ltd., available at
Beaded Clutch in Black by Santi available at Urban Minx

Wednesday, February 4

Inspired by Beautiful Blue

Inspired by this Beautiful Blue invitation by eInvite and the amazingly fun and colorful beach party and floral shots by I am forever focused on doing things your own way and this blue veil found on really creates a statement for the bride that really wants to kick it up a notch. It really sets a tone to the exciting day ahead.

{earrings via etsy, Iridescence notecard from Checkerboard, Giorgio Armani Satin Platform Sandals studded with Swarovki Crystal via nothing for no one, vintage garters via etsy}

Tuesday, February 3

Affordable Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

We are just starting to think about the rehearsal dinner for my July wedding, with the guidance of my future mother-in-law, of course. I thought I'd round up a few of my favorite possible rehearsal dinner invitations from all are interesting and custom, but none would blow the budget. (Some are as low as $29.99 for 20!) Have a favorite?

Since our website can handle RSVP's for several different wedding events, and all the guests at this event are web-savvy, we will probably just list the web address and phone number for replying on the invitation. Ah, technology, you make it so much easier...

a) Nature $29.99 for 20
b) Dinner Setting $108.00 for 25
c) Cattails $29.99 for 20
d) Three Roses $125.00 for 25
e) Half Flower $108.00 for 25
f) Exquisite $29.99 for 20
g) Sketched Carnation $29.99 for 20

Monday, February 2

Animal Lovers

In honor of Groundhog Day, I would like to feature a few of our cutest furry friends. (Although, I must say I am NOT too happy with Punxsutawney Phil right now.) However, these adorable cards and journals will help keep me smiling for the next 6 weeks of winter.

{L to R from the top: Obama Pet Announcement,; Alex the Dog Journal, Galison; Kitty Notes, The Paperdoll Store; Fetch Custom Box Set, Boatman Geller; Blue Bow Pup Notes, The Paperdoll Store; Miniature Dachshund, Checkerboard}