Wednesday, February 18

The Art of Handwritten Notes

Lately, I have been thinking alot about handwriting and the sending of notes. I don't know if having two teenagers texting nonstop has anything to do with the feelings I have, but I feel a surge of energy to instill a value in them. The art of the handwritten note is a valuable tool that I feel my children should know, understand the value of and use in their daily life. I have to say, that I too should be more diligent in my self expression.

We are in a digital age, but I think the value and the impression is by far more meaningful than other ways of long distance communication. I love recieving notes! They make me smile. I can't wait to open the envelope and see what's inside. I love looking at the writing and feeling connected to the person. It is so inspirational.

These days there is a feeling of regrouping, simplifying and mindfulness. I like it. People want to make a difference and letterwriting is the perfect touch. Now if the teenagers would just stop the texting.

{The Art of the Handwritten Note by Margaret Shepherd available at, handwriting samples right top and bottom via, setlist of Bob Dylan via}


Sprout said...

Keep reminding me to send those handwritten notes! I actually sent some Valentines this year to girlfriends and the kids of friends - not much more writing than To, From, and XOXO - but it was "real" mail. ;-)

Michelle May said...

Of course! Real mail is by far the most thoughtful communication.

Adoniram said...

lol... "If the teenagers would just stop texting."

Well, it's been a little while since I was a teenager, but it's going to be tough to give up that habit. I agree, real mail is much more thoughtful but I have such trouble remembering to write them!

Maybe I need to set my iPhone to remind me to send hand written notes.