Sunday, February 8

Complementary Color

Spring is not far away, and to get myself through these last few gasps of winter, I have been watching color intently. We all know canary is going to be popular this year, and why not? One simple way to get great, powerful color out of your decor is to pair complementary colors. Canary is mostly in the yellow portion of the color wheel, so its complement is purple.

This is one of my favorite color combinations, and complementary colors are always popular amongst designers because they resonate with the public. Check out how Borum Linens pairs their beautiful "Sultan" patterned tablecloth with tableware:

Now, maybe it wouldn't be a traditional wedding, but imagine your reception decorated in this luxurious color combination. Take a look at this beautiful invitation by eInvite:

The impact that complementary colors make is always impressive and easy for anyone to admire. Watch what happens these next several months, as I believe that popular colors like canary will inevitably lead to more complementary combinations.

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Sprout said...

I always wondered about the associations between complementary colors and the two major Christian holidays - Easter with yellows and purples, Christmas with red and green.

Can't think of a blue and orange holiday!