Tuesday, February 3

Affordable Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

We are just starting to think about the rehearsal dinner for my July wedding, with the guidance of my future mother-in-law, of course. I thought I'd round up a few of my favorite possible rehearsal dinner invitations from einvite.com: all are interesting and custom, but none would blow the budget. (Some are as low as $29.99 for 20!) Have a favorite?

Since our weddingwindow.com website can handle RSVP's for several different wedding events, and all the guests at this event are web-savvy, we will probably just list the web address and phone number for replying on the invitation. Ah, technology, you make it so much easier...

a) Nature $29.99 for 20
b) Dinner Setting $108.00 for 25
c) Cattails $29.99 for 20
d) Three Roses $125.00 for 25
e) Half Flower $108.00 for 25
f) Exquisite $29.99 for 20
g) Sketched Carnation $29.99 for 20

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