Monday, February 23

A Creative Wedding

Inspiration for this board was driven by the trends that I have been seeing and love the idea of getting creative with color, patterns and mixing it up a bit. Everything does not have to match, in fact the unexpected combination adds interest and originality. I was loving Adoniram and Payal's posts about the use of black and white and got to thinking about patterns and mixing them to give an ecclectic and artistic impression. A simple blue and green wedding plan can be alot more exciting if you incorporate patterns. The black and white damask on the beach was so stunning, it made me want to do it at home.

{man feet with argyle socks via greenweddingshoes, cake via, colorful ethnic pillows via designers guild, flowers and grass bridal bouquet via, the lantern via, and the polymer and silver handmade cuff links by Molly Shattuck Thomas of Providence, the damask beach wedding via and invitation via}

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