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Clare and Radu, an NYC wedding

There is something wonderful and intimate about a bride and groom expressing their personal style. Excitement abounds when something so very personal is expressed to friends and family on such a special day. We have all been to weddings that are a lot like other weddings, but the ones that are remembered and talked about, the ones that create an abundance of inspiration are those that are truly unique and personal.

Expressing personal style takes something more than being unique, it is a way of life, it is telling everyone WHO you are. I have heard people comment on not knowing HOW to express their personal style, but I feel that it is one of the easiest parts of planning your wedding. By asking yourself what you love, what you want share, what you believe can get started with your own expression. By doing what the two of you wish, maybe rocking a red dress, even though Aunt Betty may gasp, you can confidently and willfully make your wedding your very own.

Through my bloggy travels I have seen so many wonderful weddings emerge from excitement and unexpected. Couples are celebrating color, life, vitality. It is an exciting time to be getting married.

Today we are sharing the celebration of Clare and Radu who recently wed at sunset on the water in New York City. When I saw the images of Clare's red dress, I was filled with excitement. The expression on her face says it, love, and laugh for a lifetime, beginning with doing it your way! Congratulations Clare and Radu!

Clare and Radu’s wedding details:

Location of wedding: The Mariner III on the Hudson River, the ceremony took place on the boat in front of the Statue of Liberty

Bridal Dress by: Designed and made by the bride herself (inquiries at

Fabric bought from

Child's dress made by my her mother, fabric is a classic Liberty print on Tana Lawn

Child's shoes are Biscotti

Music: A band of great NYC jazz musicians pulled together by our friend and wedding officiant, Jorge Manahan.

Selected photos by Andreea Waters of Kai and Gipsy
Clare's dress inspired us so much, we wanted to share a little about her dress and the day, in the words of a bride willing to bring it!

eInvite: What went into your decision to wear the red dress?

Clare: I took a little inspiration from all my friends for everything in the wedding. We are white-water kayakers and so are most of our friends which is why we got married on the water. I made a wedding dress for my friend Susan and it was red, and she looked fabulous -- after that it seemed just an obvious choice, in some cultures it is the bridal color, plus we already have a two-year old so white just seemed a bit lame. Ultimately though, the whole symbolism of white is a bit redundant these days, so it seemed a better idea to wear a color that represented joy.

eInvite: tell us how it felt to have your wedding on the water as the sun set, with friends…

Clare: The evening felt dazzling. I didn't see anything the whole ceremony except Radu and our officiant. After we walked down the aisle I turned around and there was the Statue of Liberty, huge, beautiful and powerful cut out against the sunset. The view behind us really cut a back-drop for marriage as a freedom and a beginning.

eInvite: When I saw the riot of red with a face of extreme joy, I knew your wedding would inspire a lot of brides out there looking to express more of their personal style. Thank you for sharing your auspicious day with us!

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