Sunday, November 8

Fantastic Type Work in Progress

Sometimes, type just "works." The designer is skilled enough that you lose sight of what is occurring technically, and the type just speaks. I came across a great piece of work in progress that seems headed in that direction, where the setting appears effortless. It is a work of John Boardley, an English designer in Japan. Mr. Boardly has the distinction of also being the creator of, a website dedicated to, well, typography. He created the website in 2007 and while it is a very niche website, it's just as popular as (a well known site for web development).

So, with further ado, take a look at his personal work:

If you get a chance, take a look. "Johno" works very hard to, as he says, bring type to the masses, and both and his own work deserve recognition. Enjoy!


johno said...

Thanks for your kind words, and thanks for sharing.

Adoniram said...

Our pleasure! Your work with ILT is really fantastic.