Thursday, November 5

Happy Birthday, Sesame Street!

Sunny day, sweeping the clouds away....

I'm sure that all of us here at eInvite and most of you have sung those opening lines to the Sesame Street theme at the top of our lungs. Whether you watched it religiously as a child like I did or have kids who currently watch it, it's been a part of our lives. Presidents, celebrities and artists have been on the show over the years, and it's inspired fashion, education and art.

So, for helping millions of children around the word learn to count to 3 and that Muppets also make fantastic friends, I wanted to say thank you and offer a big happy 40th birthday! As a small gift, share your Sesame Street memories below. Who's your favorite character? (Mine was Count von Count!) Do you occasionally flip by it and still stop? Do you have kids who love it?

{A blast from the past via Belmont University Marketing Forum}

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Michelle May said...

i personally loved when they showed their feet, it hardly ever happened. bert doing the pigeon is a fav. my favorite character was oscar though, i had hope for him getting over being a grouch. thanks alita!