Sunday, November 22

Street Art by SpY

Lately, I've been following the work of SpY, a street artist from Madrid, Spain. His work is wonderfully tongue-in-cheek and very playful. Street art can often be controversial, as art often is, but it would be hard to get upset at much of SpY's portfolio. The case in point can be shown through SpY's "For Security Reasons", a play on the CCTV camera, a device of state and private control, now ubiquitous in much of western Europe. Here, the CCTV camera is resigned to keeping watch over the heavens, a pile of bricks, some refuse bins, and the broadside of a brick wall.

Another project has SpY creating LED crosswalk signs, and using them to break pedestrians out of the ordinary interpretation of signs and symbols. While the green crosswalk person shines, SpY's adaptation allows the red crosswalk person to flee:

SpY's personal website contains a large number of installation pieces, all of which are enjoyable on a variety of levels, particularly: creative, social, and philosophical. If you get the chance to visit the site, definitely do so, SpY is getting more and more press coverage and will no doubt be a familiar name in the near future, not only in the creative world, but in the broader community as well.

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