Friday, November 13

Paper Quality, Process and Differences in Invitations

{a great example of offset metallic ink on red linen paper, this item has fun handlettering}

{a great example of embossed lettering on sparkly stardream paper}

{a great example of red foil stamping and offset metallic ink on jet black paper, this item also is
distinctive with the use of hand lettering on the card and the envelope, thermographed in red ink}

Viewing invitations and announcements online is so much easier with beautiful images, showing details of the processes used on each cards. Rich heavy papers with silver offset ink as seen in the first image, shine and compliment your holiday photo. Next I chose an embossed item, the script-y font and the deep rich embossing is so elegantly captured. The stardream paper sparkles and the image shows that. These wonderful details tell you about the items, in ways that words just can't. Some people may not read the descriptions listed for every card that can tell you a lot, but the images catch it all! Look at the last one, the way the deep red foil looks on jet black paper is so stunning.

Paper quality is important factor when choosing an invitation, the thicker the paper, the more supple it feels in the hand of the person you are sending it to. Layers of paper add to the impact, building up the thickness. Colored papers and offset inks, either flat printed like metallic inks on dark paper or thermography, where the ink is raised and textured really have a dimension to them that other processes just can't attain. They are also very custom and make quite a difference in your hand.

Another option is laser printing where all of the image is printed at one time, this can be very cost effective and a nice way to share your holiday greetings. So depending on your taste and your budget you can decide what kind of look you want to express yourself! I happen to like the black and red item. It is fun and funky with a lot of style. The hand lettering sets it apart and is unique. We have plenty to choose from, each has it's own personal style. Look at the alternate images and see every little detail. See which one fits yours!

{clicking the images here will take you to the item and even more amazing shots!}

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