Saturday, February 21

Black and White Style

I have to admit it, I love black and white, particularly when it's stark and severe. It's a trend that seems to come and go, but always has an undercurrent of popularity. There's something both classic and modern about black and white juxtaposition.

Maybe it's a certain fascination with the written word and typography too; black ink bound by white negative space. There's a pressure and an energy that surrounds such extreme contrast. I think you can find this feeling in many media, and lately I've been listening to Ladytron's latest album, Velocifero. The whole album, both in sound and imagery, has this interplay between the heavy weight of sound and the absence of it. Even the band itself, if you're not familiar with them, is a gigantic fusion of culture (Bulgarian, Polish, and British core members). Just check out the photography for one of the singles off the album, Runaway:

Of course, the strong interplay of black lines and white space doesn't have to mean ultra-modern style or electroclash music. Some of our wedding invitations have the same graphic sensibility, that meld transglobal culture and simplicity. Even better, you can get this unique sense of style and save a ton of money on eInvite with a wedding invitation like our Black Decorative Edge...

It's said that your invitations should be between 3-5% of the total cost of your wedding. Imagine having a wedding with a strong style identity like this that only cost thousands instead of tens of thousands. You could spend those savings on the perfect dress, like a Marchesa 2009 wedding dress that has the same design sensibility as many of our low-cost eInvite wedding invitations. Marchesa uses an incredibly bold border to the train and drape of the dress, just as our custom-designed borders frame our more modern invitations.

Such bold statements aren't for everyone, but it doesn't matter if you're lavish or minimalist, you can always be stylish.

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