Thursday, July 16

Extraordinary Architecture

Extraordinary is this hotel that plans a fall grand opening, another Middle Eastern architectural masterpiece. The Hyatt Capital Gate Tower, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates will be the most stunning building in my opinion. The lines and aesthetic are incomparable, even to the Burj Al Arab designed by Tom Wright in Dubai. Famous for it's sail like design, this hotel is also amazing.

Capital Gate has also been awarded the 2009 Cityscape Middle East Commercial and Retail Development 'Future' of the Year Award. Developed as a gateway to Abu Dhabi and representative of what the region has chosen to represent it's identity to the world.

"Capital Gate's distinctive 18-degree westward incline, was made possible through the use of an innovative 'slanting core' concept never before used in other developments. As construction continues, Adnec and RMJM architects have jointly submitted an application to the Guinness Book of World Records to be recognised as the 'World's Most Inclined Tower.' "

One of our eInvite staffers has been to the Burj and raved about the view from the top floor that overlooks The Palm Jumeirah, The World artificial Island group and the spectacular Persian Gulf. I want to go. I want to go! {mmm, one day!}

{images of Capital Gate and the Burj via point click home}

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