Thursday, July 9

Dreams of Sugarplums and Superheroes

The first thing most people ask when they find out someone is getting married is something along the lines of "when is the date?" or "what does the dress look like?". Not I. My question usually is "what's the cake like?". My fascination with cake is built into my genetic code - my father is known for going up for thirds of wedding cake and also occasionally eats a piece on the ride home.

Cakes seem like the perfect opportunity to express your individuality as a couple and really are a work of art. Hopefully my as yet undetermined husband to be loves cupcakes because the only detail about my wedding that I will not bend on is the red velvet cupcake tower that will be my wedding cake. I found some really awesome cakes below - the superheroes and The Nightmare Before Christmas are beautifully done, in my opinion.

What was your wedding cake like? Would you do something different?

{via Pink Cake Box}

{via RocknRoll Bride}


Michelle May said...

Alita, I was married in the time before the explosion of the internet. I had only been to a few weddings and so , i had wedding blinders on...i just did it the way I wanted. My wedding cake was a moist and delicious yellow cake baked locally at Crown bakery. Cake toppers out and florals in...not too many just a few on top and a couple here and there to accentuate the 3 tiers of yummy cake. When the cake came out of the kitchen at the reception, we cut it in private, drawing a crowd. As I approached my cake, the entire back of it was destroyed. It must have fallen over at some point. I was so happy on this day, I just gave the hairy eyeball to my new husband and cut the cake, smiling. Never looked back. To this day, i have no idea what happened, but no one knew. So, do it your way and don't sweat the small stuff.

Alita said...

I agree, Michelle, the best way is to do what makes you happy. That cake sounds delicious, especially if Crown made it - they're wonderful! Thanks for sharing your cake experience :)

Anonymous said...

That's not The Nightmare Before Christmas. It is Tim Burton, but that would be The Corpse Bride. Completely different movie.