Sunday, July 5

A Relaxing Fourth of July

I have to admit, I don't have much to contribute today because it has been BEAUTIFUL here for the past two days and today is shaping up to beautiful as well. After a June that was quite literally a wash, even a few days of sun is welcome. I spent my weekend traveling about New England, just soaking up the sun. Here's Dublin, NH in the broad summer sun with Monadnock in the background. Thank goodness for sun!

I hope that the rest of the eInvite's Insights Team had similarly wonderful Fourth of July weekends (leave your stories in the comments!).


Alita said...

That's gorgeous! I was up in Maine and we didn't see the sun until about Monday - you guys were apparently hogging it all! :)

erin said...

I spent four wonderful (sunny!) days at the Cape and then came back to a hail storm and people canoeing down my street because a river overflowed. Seriously.