Tuesday, January 5

Paradise Found

Recently, one of our very special vendors had some wonderful things going on in her life, so we all got together and decided to send her these spectacular flowers from Teleflora. We went back and forth over several amazing arrangements, but this one came out ahead. I have to say in the middle of winter, this beauty would certainly bring warmth and tropical imagery to mind. We also wanted our message to be personal. Many of us here at eInvite.com know this spunky, sparkly girl and have worked with her for years.

{charicatures by Scott Boliard: Denise from Dinky Designs and her new husband Brent and one of our own, Dan Thiffault who is moving to....India}

So, we have a special inhouse artist, that we take full advantage of. He has the uncanny ability to "see" and know a person by looking at them. The little details that make each person special are "enhanced". If you are cute, you get cuter, if your ears protrude even slightly, oh, well then you own them. I happen to have one eyebrow that slants slightly higher than the other, something nobody notices, but Scott the "amazing card guy" can see it all! Each birthday, retirement, wedding, baby, each special occasion celebrated in the office is touched by one of these amazing cards. One person said that they retired just to get one!

So, with the fun that you can imagine we have, the idea popped in... to extend one of these special cards to our friend Denise. So with the help of Victoria from Victoria Flowers and Gifts, a designated Teleflora designer out there in Peru, Indiana we arranged something special! We sent the card ahead and had her deliver it with the bouquet. With her help we were able to arrange the whole thing and extend a little bit of ourselves from Massachusetts to be delivered with the bouquet we chose for delivery all the way out in Peru.

With heartfelt congratulations to Denise and Brent and our own Dan Thiffault, we hope this year brings amazing things!

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