Monday, January 11

Making a Statement with Stationery

This amazing pen giveaway led me to think that is time to stock up on some great stationery! From an early age, my mother would have me write out thank you cards for each birthday or holiday gift received. I am thankful for the good manners, and can now appreciate both writing and receiving a personal note. I love seeing the stationery each writer chooses, and put a lot of thought into what my personal choice will be. You can imagine that working at eInvite, I have managed to acquire a large collection. But like all good things, there is often room for more! Here are a few of my favorites…

{L to R, Row 1: Fuchsia Card, William Arthur; Comfy Gal Notes, The Paperdoll Store; Teal Note, Crane & Co.; Garden Pattern by Kate Spade, Crane & Co. Row 2: Sweet Birdie with Blue Booties Thank You Note, take note! Designs; Fun Floral Thank You Note, take note! Designs; White Multimedia Card w/Motif, William Arthur; Vita, Checkerboard, Ltd. Row 3: Lali & Dan Thank You, Marsupial; Initial Impression Note Card, Carlson Craft; Double Frame (Green/Brown) corresp card by Kate Spade, Crane & Co.; Moab, Checkerboard, Ltd.; Dark Gray Card, William Arthur}

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Adoniram said...

Nice choice for Tom, I love that color gray, and a lot of that collection is really elegant (and surprising masculine), as you well know!