Thursday, January 14

Color Unleashed

{image via Neenah Paper}

Neenah Paper, one of our fav paper companies has just announced the release of Color Unleashed as a microsite! Great for designers of all kinds, check out the palette building site, or the iphone app, both developed by And Partners exclusively for Neenah. I am just loving the creative possibilities inspired by this cool tool. A must for designers.

{image via And Partners}

From Neenah's press release this morning:
The microsite will be especially useful to designers because it's a color visualization tool that bridges the screen and the printed page. Designers can build color palettes with features no other site offers. With the site, users can:

• Create custom color palettes based on three different
options: RGB and CMYK values; Neenah's paper colors; or the Dewey Color System®, the world's only scientifically-validated color-based personality testing

• Create and view color palettes of RGB and CMYK values right on the
screen and then with one click download the palette as an Adobe® Swatch Exchange
(.ASE) file and embed it into Adobe® Creative Suite®. This key element
saves users from having to hand-enter information and instead populates a
library of color swatches and Neenah Paper colors into a designer's personal
Creative Suite automatically and saves it for future use.
• Select from more than 30 Dewey scientifically validated personality attributes
from a word cloud and build custom palettes.
• Order sample sheets.
Designers can link directly to their Neenah Paper accounts making it easy to
order samples with just a few mouse clicks. And for a limited time, Neenah
is offering free sample shipping through the site.
• Import their own
photos or take imagery displayed from the Think Ink promotional book and play
with free-form type, change paper and ink colors to simulate real ink on
• View all saved color palettes and past paper sample orders.
• With a complete line-up of Neenah paper choices added to the site, users
can view their designs on CLASSIC CREST®, CLASSIC® Linen, ENVIRONMENT® Papers, as well as on other Neenah signature brands.

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