Monday, January 4

Happy National Trivia Day!

{inject knowledge question mark by Chin2off via}

I'm all for ringing in the new year with some trivia to celebrate National Trivia Day! Below, a few little trivia nuggets about eInvite and paper/printing in general.

  • Our current building used to be a bowling alley. We think they should have kept a lane or two!
  • The original name for our IT department was 'elves': calls for help were often 'Please send an elf to customer service!'. Unfortunately they did not wear pointy shoes.
  • In Old English times, weddings would be announced to the public by a 'bidder' and everyone in earshot would become part of the celebration. That's one big party!
  • By the mid 18th century people started publishing wedding invitations and announcements in the newspaper. This has evolved into more popular engagement announcements, but wedding announcements are still around.
  • The US and Canada are in the top 5 paper and paperboard producing countries in the world.

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