Tuesday, December 29

Happy New Year Wishes

The very best New Year wishes from everyone here at eInvite in West Boylston, Massachusetts. Thank you so much for giving us the honor of creating your invitations and announcements. We look forward to 2010.

Noroc, Salud, Sláinte, À la votre, Beifall, Acclamazioni, Saluté, Aclamaciones, Jambo, Prost, Chia, Gëzuar, Shucram, Genatzt, Gan bei, Serefe, Na zdraví, Skål, Maljanne, Jamas, Kassutta, Okole maluna, L'chaim, Budmo, Apki Lambi Umar Ke Liye, Kampai, Saha wa'afiab, Sanda bashi, Salam ati, Mabuhay, Na zdrowie, Saude, Na zdorovje, Choc-tee, Oogy wawa

...and in most places all over the world, the word "cheers" is one that is pretty universal.

{If you don't see your language here, if you could add the word/language you use for "cheers" in the comments, that would be wonderful!}

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