Monday, December 14

Turquoise Celebration

{image of Brocatto holiday greeting by Checkerboard}

Checkerboard was spot on with their insight for trend spotting and delivered us this gold and turquoise greeting. The chocolate envelope really compliments the card and the gold ink pulls it all together.

Xia viridiflora var minor was the only turquoise flower I came across, dear Cathy (ref:comment on last post), and it happens to be indigenous of South Africa. It is pretty stunning with the aubergine center. Massachusetts cultivation may give you the petal up on Turquoise flora!

If turquoise is one of your wedding colors this year, send us your insight on how you would use it!


Sprout said...

Plain old Ixia in pink or white is available as a cut flower in the summer, but it is always harvested closed, and stays closed, so it resembles an oversized grain of wheat.

But I have NEVER heard of the turquoise one - good for you for finding that! I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it to become available as a cut flower though...and imagine the price it would command!

Adoniram said...

Yes, I couldn't help but notice the depth of turquoise in recent Checkerboard product that we featured. I have seen a lot of turquoise recently, so the announcement wasn't terribly shocking, but I was pretty happy with it being stuck in the 1980's. I don't mind it paired with chocolate and earthtones, but when it gets into the whole neon scheme, I just can't stomach it!

Michelle May said...

I could not believe how natural the flower blue! Everything seems to come back at some point, but I have seen some really great modern combinations of turquoise and maroon with gold, or with coral. It will be interesting to see what designers come up with.

Sprout said...

Here's some more turquoise inspiration for you on Rochelle's gardening blog -

PS You scooped her with the ixia!