Friday, December 18

Mid-Winter Sprout

This past Wednesday, Worcester hit 18ºF.

What's worse than that?

Well, that was the high temperature for the day. Fortunately, as creatives, we're usually working about a season ahead in order to bring you delectable designs and inspirational images. This means that though our bodies and buildings may be in winter, our minds are in spring (though the opposite is also true... when we're in summer, our minds have to be in the holiday season, and that can be tough!).

One great way to bring a bit of spring into your environment (and in my case, into our photographs) is utilizing the power of flowers. Here in Worcester, one of my favorite vendors is Sprout. They are a floral boutique with many of the exotics that you can't find locally without going to Boston or New York.

Sprout's exterior is a little burst of color on this frozen street. The early snows have past, but the cold has set in deep and most vendors have pulled their advertising and storefront features inside. Thanks to Sprout's bright paint and distinctive sign, it's pretty easy to find. Far more important, however, is what lies inside:

When I look for a good florist or floral supply, I look for businesses that keep their merchandise moving and their displays fresh and well rotated. Every business needs to do this, but florists in particular, as even cut flowers are reactive to light, heat, water, humidity, and more. A shirt will gather dust, but a flower will actually react with its environment.

Even in these small photographs, you can see that the cut flowers are in clean, clear, cool water. Keep an eye out at for promotional shots featuring Sprout's beautiful selection!


Michelle May said...

So funny, I was in there this morning picking up flowers for a birthday! Sprout had amazing holiday inspired flowers and always, the hydrangea. I chose a white one, snowball style for Erin with great sparkly branches and rosemary with berries and deep red foliage...not sure what you call it. Cathy always has the best stuff!

Sprout said...

Mmmmwaahhh!! Big kisses to you all!