Friday, December 18

Yay, for Houndstooth!

As of late, I’ve been noticing houndstooth everywhere and on everything. The lovely duotone pattern is no longer limited to woven wool or the Scottish Lowlands; instead, it’s become rather international. It’s been spotted everywhere from the runways in Paris, to the households of America, and everywhere in between. It's also shed its traditional color palette of black and white, opting instead, for more adventurous hues such as fuchsia, purple, green and pink.

Houndstooth really is one of those classic patterns that will never go out of fashion. It’s the perfect accent to any attire, whether it takes the form of a scarf, wallet, dress, or a pair of shoes, you can wear it anywhere and anyhow; it will always look classy. It’s also a great design element to work into any party theme. Oh, so perfect for a wedding, bridal shower, or even a corporate holiday party, it will add that special panache you’re looking for.

Above, I’ve featured just a few of my favorites that I came across while on the hunt for houndstooth. I especially love the Toffee Pumps by oh! DEER. That little touch of yellow patent leather, is oh so yummy! Also beautiful, are the invitation designs by Checkerboard. They would be perfect for a 30th birthday bash, or even a bachelor party, the possibilities are endless! Yay, for go get yourself some!

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Petula said...

Looks fabulous and stylish. Still a much-needed classic, I think.