Monday, December 28

8 Ways to RELAX…

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Interim holiday break before the new year...a few ways to bring it in with some relaxation and refreshment tips!

1. Live in the moment – Stop the anxiety about what will happen tomorrow or the next day. Cleanse your thoughts of these worries. Take care of the things you have control over and don’t do yourself in over the things that are out of your reach. Live in the moment, enjoy your family, friends and personal time.

2. DEclutter your world – The space where you live and work can really influence your mood with subliminal messages. Take some time to organize your world and clean house on the “stuff” that has accumulated. Clean and cleanse your space. It is pretty amazing what reorganizing a room can do for you.

3. Reflect – Take a few minutes at least once a day to clear your inner space and relax your thoughts. A constant hurried life can take a toll on even the most organized people. Learn to silence your brain for a few moments and become FREE of the madness. Detach, go to a happy place and regroup. This kind of relaxation benefits you in so many ways. Try a Zentangle, deep breathing, yoga, or just stop and rest your mind.

4. Do what you think, and stop the procrastination – Relaxation is a product of something, of getting to a place where there is peace. Prioritizing your days and your life give you a long term strategy on relaxation. Create lists for your days and your year! Remember all the things you need to do and don’t forget the things you always wanted to do. Why live in a pressure cooker when you can reap the rewards of efficiency every day! Now have a chocolate.

5. Live YOUR dreams – Dream a little everyday. Believe in yourself and stop the natural tendency of trying to take care of everyone around you. Life is hectic and days fly by so fast. Listen to the inner voice inside of you and forget trying to be all things to all people. Remember all your big ideas. Use that energy to push yourself and plan for adventures. Remember that the thoughts and outspoken words of others can limit your ideas. Let them go and celebrate what your inspirations are. So many people are making huge changes to do this lately!

6. Unplug – Put your phone, computer, and electronic leashes down. Step away from the inbox, ignore the red flashing button, do not answer the chirp of the wild twitter birdy. Take time to concentrate on yourself, your friends and family. Be a little mysterious for a while, enrich your days with REAL stimulation instead of electronic mania that takes so much of our day! So, when you are finished looking over our blog, you can detach, disconnect and hit the refresh button. Wink.

7. Shake it up – Life can get very stale, and we humans are creatures of habit, which makes the whole monotony thing a constant balance. Change up your routine, your schedule, and your activities. Get active and try new things. Enjoy nature and the world around you. Your surroundings probably have a lot to offer and you just never stop to enjoy them.

8. Most of all, Remember the people close to you – We work, work, work and try to balance our lives. Take time to schedule meet ups with friends you haven’t seen, family that would love a visit, or a trip you have been longing for. Become inspired and excited for adventures big and small. They are addictive. Relaxing with friends is some of the best stuff life can offer!

Enjoy the last few days of 2009 and embrace 2010!

A New Year~

Cheers to all the little things and the wonderful people that make your life special! Now relax and pour yourself some bubbly.

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Sprout said...

Any tips for someone who stresses out about destressing?!