Monday, June 1

Summer Party Invitations

As my calendar fills with barbeques and summer parties, Adoniram’s Memorial Day post has me inspired to throw one of my own! However, I would have a tough time deciding which invitation to choose. These are all so fun and clever, they are a wonderful way have guests looking forward to your gathering weeks in advance. If I received one of these invitations in the mail, I would clear my schedule! Which one is your favorite?

{L to R from top:
Lobster, Meri Meri; Shake It Up, Checkerboard, Ltd; Lime Slice, Checkerboard, Ltd; Personalized Bag, Meri Meri; Golf Cart, Meri Meri; Palm Tree, Starfish & Dreams; Loungin’ Around With Umbrella, Putnam House; Big Kahuna, Checkerboard, Ltd}


Sprout said...

I would definitely go to a party that featured lobster on the invite - hoping for lobster! Yumm! Also, love the lime one, especially if it spins...does it spin?!

Michelle May said...

Yes, it spins!