Wednesday, June 24

Love Is In The Air!

Editors' Note: Please welcome Alita to our staff of contributing writers! She is a integral member of eInvite's team and brings a different voice to our discussions. She'll be providing an inside look at all the craziness that is involved when planning a wedding. We're very glad to have her on board.

I am so excited to announce that my cousin got engaged a couple of weeks ago, and we're going to be following Sarah and her fiance Billy as they navigate all of the joys and challenges that wedding planning brings. They're going to be married in March 2010, so with only 9 months to plan they have a lot on their plates!

Are you finding wedding planning to be what you expected, or is anything different from what you thought? Is there anything so far that has pleasantly surprised you?

Due to the fact that our wedding is 9 months away, wedding planning during the first 3 weeks is very involved. We have seen 15 locations over the past 5 days and picked our top 3 locations. It has been a pleasant surprise with how helpful everyone has been. I have friends spanning from Washington state to Texas offering me all the help I could ever need! Kristina (our cousin) has even offered to make my save the date and invitations with her personalized card business. (Perhaps they'll look like Kristina's Love card below?)

I always figured it would be time consuming and hectic, I guess the only thing I didn't expect was the time it took to become so crazy. Right now it is one week into the engagement and it feels like we have been planning this for months. There is so much to do right when you first start that you find yourself hoping that the pace slows down at some point.

The happy couple!

KTPaperCrafts' Love card - so pretty!

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