Thursday, June 18

Jungle Peas

{jungle peas via areaware}

If you have ever been lucky enough to receive flowers from Sprout of Worcester Ma, then you may have been introduced to these little critters. At least they look like the little guys that inhabit Cathy Walsh's June Street studio and enliven her work. Sprout is our local, our go to place for floral inspiration, as they complement invitations and signify celebration of all kinds.
I saw these decals on areaware and had to share.


Adoniram said...

Well, that's because Cathy rocks my socks. Another cool thing about Sprout (besides being our go-to spot for styling) is the LENGTH of time Cathy's flowers last. Occasionally I'll have to buy stuff from other vendors when she doesn't have it in stock, and her plants will live in the vase 2-3x longer than anyone else. It's definitely a huge plus.

Sprout said...

Oh you guys! (cue Mary Tyler Moore voice)

Always glad to hear our flowers last. They should and if they don't, we want to know!

And those peas on the! I want to paint the shop soon - anyone up for painting lots of tiny peas on my walls?!