Tuesday, June 23

Gloom-Busting Balloons

With the gloomy days we’ve been having here in New England, and the incessant cold I’ve been fighting for the past week, I find myself yearning for some cheerful, funny goodness and fortunately that’s what I found in the latest edition of W magazine.

Among the high glam and glossy beauties I stumbled across a small blurb on the fantastic work of Buster Balloon…it was the tiny inflated Elvis that caught my attention (anything Elvis makes me chuckle).

Based out of Southern California, the balloon twisting genius has traveled the globe teaching, performing, and uncovering new and amazing balloon ideas to adults and kids alike. He’s even inspired famed artist, Jeff Koons (known for his own larger-than-life balloon sculptures made of stainless steel) and has collaborated with Koons on a “top secret” project. Now…THAT is something I am very interested in seeing! Until then, these fun pics of Buster’s work will have to suffice…enjoy!

{all pictures via www.acmeballoon.com}

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