Friday, October 30

artist friends, skulls and scotts

{image via}

{image via the}

This time of year, near All Hallows Eve is a wonderful time to spotlight spooky art, like our own Scott Boilard and our friend, relic painter Scott Holloway. The latter gives us insight into his process, pretty cool stuff. Holloway is currently showing at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in LA.

Perhaps you saw the skull mask in a recent post that Scott Boilard made for the recent Halloween party we all ventured out to. Boilard's work has taken him all the way to St. Petersburg. We are lucky over here. Our community is brimming with incredibly talented artists that inspire us everyday.

After I posted this, we were all chuckling a little bit about Scott designing skulls at home and chickies and airplanes any given day here. I am sure his fellow artists don't know how fuzzy and cute his chickies are, but I can attest. Being versatile is pretty key.

{also designed by Scott Boilard}

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Candy corn pentagram!