Wednesday, October 14

You are all Cirque Du Noir

Inspired constantly by the people I work with and faced with the fact the my house could no longer contain the amount of people showing up for my annual Halloween festivities, we decided to host a fundraiser Cirque Du Noir at a local hot spot, Bocado. My thoughts were that we are celebrating anyway and taking the time to costume up, why not kick it up a few notches and do it for The Worcester County Food Bank? I proposed the idea to all my amazing artists friends, whose wheels started spinning as fast as mine. We included a live art fusion, a silent auction, live music and a costume contest.

Another very memorable inspiration came from an incredible night at the Louie Awards at Capitale in New York City back in 2008, chaired by Fern Gimbelman. I was so blown away by the drama and depth of the platform, that I kept thinking of a Halloween party, instead of the "Academy Awards" of Greeting Cards, that is the Louies.

The family of people here and the Worcester community got involved, from our right hand florist extraordinaire, Cathy Walsh from Sprout, to our neighborhood sandwich shop, Vivian's that we all visit. The evening was incredible, beginning with deep, dark violin music and ending with an incredible array of prizes donated by generous friends and colleagues, and a killer art auction.

{scott boilard in action, image by andreea waters via flickr}
{image of Fusion art and guests by Scott Holloway via flickr}
images of Cirque Du Noir 08
and below live art fusion practice session pieces:

{our Jessica Burhans and Derek Ring, also see him here and here}

{click image to enlarge}

Cirque Du Noir (click here for pix) came to be and now we are in our second year! Having friends that are dreamers and doers make anything happen!

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Raise a glass to the doers - and dreamers!