Friday, October 9

Robo Art

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Anyone who knows me knows I love robots, but not just any robots, I love kitschy vintage style robots. From Maria of Metropolis, to Robby the Robot and Gort, to R2-D2 I loved the personality of design they had that a lot of today's androids, both fictional and real, lack.

In the tradition of these retro humanoids artist Gordon Bennett has created some of coolest and most fun robot sculptures and sells them through his website .

These guys are made entirely of found objects, like gears, gauges, fire alarms, appliances, etc. and stand roughly 2 feet tall. Each one has its own unique character, such as Johnson, pictured above, and comes with its own metal tag showing it to be an authentic Robot Works piece.

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Sprout said...

These are very cool! I think maybe I've seen his work at a gallery in P'town?