Thursday, April 30

Where's the BBQ?

Lately, I’ve been enamored by the aroma of BBQ wafting through the spring air! It can’t help but conjure up images in my head of warm sunny afternoons spent with friends, gathered around the grill, eating roasted veggies, burgers and hotdogs. BBQ’s are a great excuse to sit back, relax and take a breather from the weekday grind. Here are some fun and quirky items that would spruce up any back yard grill fest! My particular favorite is the cow creamer, which could easily serve your favorite BBQ sauce!

{Images from L to R}
Spread The Love Lable from Etsy seller Miss Pickles Press
Cow Creamer available at Williams Sonoma
Bull invitation by Checkerboard Ltd. available at eInvite
Back-to-the-Farm Glasses available at Williams Sonoma
Bucket Grill available at Crate & Barrel
Country Barbecue Chop Plates available at Williams Sonoma
Mustache Handkerchiefs from Etsy seller Avril Loreti
Pirate Chefs T-shirt from Etsy seller Jon Wye
Vegetable Skewers available at Crate & Barrel


Michelle May said...

Yes, yes the wafting smell of other people's BBQ is the spell of springtime, making you have one of your own as soon as possible. Cinco de Mayo anyone?

Sprout said...

I put it on my social calendar! What's the plan?