Tuesday, April 7

Warm Gray, Blank Slate

A neutral tone sets the groundwork for the use of bold colors in art and design. It is sometimes wonderful, though, to resist the urge to punch through the tranquil haze of a warm gray with a saturated hue. On its own, gray is meditative, calming, artfully moody. It is in the "gray area" that we find ambiguity - and from the haze comes new ideas and new life. Cloudy days (April showers) set the stage for the bursting life in the seasons to come.
Clockwise from top left: Ted Baker Men's Caprese Lace-Ups; Vase and Pillows: Vera Wang on Weddings; Tunic: Tine K Home; Invitation: Rocaille by Checkerboard via eInvite; Sofa: Milo Sofa from Anthropologie; Bag: Lisa Stickley London


paula said...

love this!

Michelle May said...

More gray on the way,too!