Sunday, April 19

Spring Pattern Inspiration

Thanks to some marvelous spring weather, I was able to get out riding (bicycling, that is) for the second time this year. Nothing is in bloom quite yet here in Massachusetts, but the trees have budded and the potential for greenery is almost too exciting to bear.

The ability to see green grass again is very inspiring. It was very windy this weekend and a motif in design for thousands of years has been capturing the wind through grass. There is something intensely beautiful about the movement of an ocean capturing in the stasis of green earth. This movement taps into a deep human experience, a shared and universal experience.

Marimekko has a noted pattern design portfolio and has seen waves of popularity just as waves of wind move through the grass. I was cruising their patterns for inspiration and found a design of Fujiwo Ishimoto that had a green and canary wash applied to it, resulting in exactly the feeling I have carried all weekend.

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