Monday, March 30


If I could do my wedding all over again, I would pick a date in the spring, JUST so I could have in-season peonies. I love the gorgeous pink hues shown here. When huge buds open, they are truly stunning.

{L to R from the top: Peony and Cymbidium Bouquets, Snippet & Ink; Pink Peony, Real Simple; Rebecca, Checkerboard, Ltd.; Pink Peony Vase, Freckle Chick; Peony & Dots, Good Fortune Press by Hello! Lucky; Red Peonies, Real Simple}

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Sprout said...

I love peonies too!

Due to a family health crisis, I had two wedding ceremonies. I wore my gown twice, had two rings, two receptions, and got to have peonies for one of my bouquets! We made the best of a sad situation.