Saturday, March 28

Invitations on Behance

There are many online artist communities out there but one of the best (in terms of consistently excellent work from members) is . It's a bit different, similar to the early days of gmail, where membership is available by invitation only (or you can apply to become a member). Once you're accepted you can post portfolios and participate in the site. I haven't been overly involved so far, but there is a large percentage of working creative professionals on Behance, and on a lark I decided to search for "invitations."

Check out this beautiful, modern, hand-crafted set by Primaluxe Design Studio. I like the use of a monogrammed sticker to seal the invitation here:

Pimaluxe uses the pocket format that has become so popular, and incorpates an interesting use of rivets and an interesting grid pattern that gradiates from the top of the card to the bottom. Check it out:

I just love all the small details, the motif in the top left corner, the common letterspacing from accesory to accesory. It's work that really appeals to me.

It's also chocolate (or a warm slate, maybe) and cream. I don't know how much longer this trend has, but it's still very compelling.

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