Wednesday, March 11

Outdoor casual elegance

{images of Kristina and Brock's wedding by Michele M. Waite, via Lovely Morning}

Casual elegance at it's finest for a lovely soiree in the desert! I am loving Lovely Morning and the lovely perspectives of Kristina, writer and recent bride. A Palm Springs evening complete with succulent centerpieces and swaying palms reflected in blue waters. Every wedding photographer should have the eye and patience of Michèle M. Waite. Capturing the essence of people and the aura of the day is intuitive. Retrospective visits to those wedding photos should be celebrated years after the event...and photos like these will take you back to that day and the people you shared it with. Visit Lovely Morning here to see more photos.

Merci Michèle for your permission to use your amazing photos. Your perspective and the way you capture the realism of the event is so clear. Your images convey the moment. We are so excited to share them.

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