Friday, March 20

Artsy Jewels

{left top, center top, right bottom and right - necklaces by riddhika}
{bottom center - necklace by michelle may}

I draw inspiration from the combination of beautiful colors and composition of artsy handmade jewelry. The fusion of metal and stone, vintage and new, the materials, the colors, the boldness, I love it all! These are some of my favorite pieces designed and created by my two of my amazing designer friends and here's a sneak peak into their creative minds:
“I draw inspiration from everything that's around me. From my travels to simple things that I love. From the intricate architecture of Churches in Prague to the Temples in South India, from the serene beaches in Oman to the hustle and bustle of the streets of Bombay, my fun friends in New york to my mother. My last collection was inspired from animals, food and colors.” - Riddhika Jesrani
“Inspiration for my designs comes from my love of the natural and precious stones I use. The colors of the earth are spectacular. This turquoise is one of my favorites, reflecting the two main colors in nature, blue and green. I love pairing the rugged elements with faceted, sparkly crystals and onyx that really bring each to life. The contrast between the refined and natural stones echo what I love in people.”- Michelle May

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