Tuesday, March 3

Lighten and Brighten with Sunshine Yellow

Can't get enough of that mellow yellow. Paired with white, it doesn't get more clean, pure, cheerful or refreshing.
Clockwise from top left: White Yellow Floral Border invitation from einvite.com; Chamomile bouquet from marthastewartweddings.com; Becca Dress in Honey Eastern Shangtung by Jenny Yoo;
Poetic Licence Women's Mint Julip Sandal from endless.com; lemon yellow cake found on theknot.com


Sprout said...

I never think of myself as a "yellow" person, but if you say lemon I'm all over it!

Probably just desperate for some sunshine...it's been a long winter. ;-)

Michelle May said...

I am not a yellow person at all and I have to say, I am a little taken with the trend. It has been coming for a while, but seems to be in full force. Perfect timing for us in the long winter duldrums. Cheery and warm, yellow is uplifting and hopeful.