Thursday, December 18

Networking with style

Invest in yourself, spread your wings, open your mind and work your web of contacts. These days networking and personal connections are huge. Consumers, employers and job candidates are wiser and savvier than ever. Relationships make a big difference in getting ahead in the world or even getting your child in the elite preschool when others are waitlisted. It's all in who you know. These days this old adage takes on alot more meaning. Viral networking on the web is gaining so much ground, not just the kids are using Facebook and Myspace. Linkedin says 30 million people are professionally networking through their site. Personal branding is a must.

I say, do it personally and with style. eInvite is now offering calling cards by Checkerboard with ultimate personal style, featuring handlettering by world renowned calligrapher, Maria Thomas. So, whether you are meeting mamas in the park and planning a playdate, or you are launching a new company, refresh your personal brand with a touch of originality. You are sure to get noticed.

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