Tuesday, December 16

Keeping it Simple

Getting down to the fundamental features, creating original aesthetics with punch and pizzazz is always striking. I found the image of the pears via Sweet Paul who I admire for his originality and eye for style, and fell for the simplicity and the unique presentation. The colors pop and leave you looking for more sweet touches. I love the whimsy inclusion of the vintage leaves and the combination of deep red and this funky blue.

Continuing the color palette, I found this great handmade ornament on etsy by skychica, an internationally recognized glass artisan. All of these elements compliment the simple and elegant holiday greeting, echoing sophistication and originality. The red foil elements glow on the paper and your text is eloquently printed.

{Beautiful red pears with vintage velvet leaves via Sweet Paul; Sussical Holiday Ornament by skychica via etsy; Crimson Mistletoe from Checkerboard via eInvite}

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