Tuesday, December 2

Chocolate Cupcakes and Babies

Will chocolate brown ever stop being the always-appropriate accent color? I hope not. It reminds me of slowing down and getting the kitchen all nice and warm while the trees are bare and icy. Here's a collection of cuteness to melt your heart this Tuesday.

The cupcakes are the work of Emilie Hardman of The Conscious Kitchen, a genius and vegan treat-maker in Somerville, MA with an amazing blog. The top right one is described by Emilie as follows: "Cross Cultural, the unbeatable spicy Dagoba Xocolatl cupcake with a Vietnamese cinnamon chocolate mousse," and on the bottom left a "chocolate hazelnut cupcake topped with hazelnut vanilla buttercreme dyed an unlikely blue." Yes please.

The gorgeous chocolate and blue holiday photo cards from einvite.com are super-affordable right now - it's the last day for the 40% off sale - $59.39 for 100. Yummmm. **Update: Sale extended through Dec. 15!!**

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stacy said...

chocolate brown and olive green might just be the best color combo ever.