Tuesday, December 2

Fashion, in Life and in Art

If you were following Balenciaga this past spring, you probably noticed the house's FW08 take on the "little black dress." The ready to wear collection might not be in your closet now, but the fusion of classic, rustic, and modern is most certainly in season.

Chanel's "LBD" was a philosophical change. She moved color and cut from mourning to celebration: not just of life, but of taste. Ghesquière's take was yet another step forward, paying homage to history while adding a regional feel and looking to the future. I love this sort of fusion, when tradition and modernity clash, resulting in something beautiful and new.

A new fusion has occurred lately, combining economic uncertainty with the demands of the holiday season. Surrounded by these troubles, what better way to bring together the best of humanity, than a gathering that is relaxed and refined, not bacchanalian or epicurean? Celebrate good friends, good taste, and perhaps even start a new tradition or two. Invite your guests in a way they wouldn't expect. Not by Facebook or Twitter, but with something that will sit on the table and mull like hot cider, gathering excitement and gathering joy. Maybe we can't afford Ghesquière's little black dress this year. But we can celebrate tradition with tradition, friendship with friends, and craftsmanship with craft.

Of course, working here makes me biased, but there are more parallels between clothing and stationery than you might first think. When I started to become familiar with stationery, I didn't realize the depth of craft and research that designers put into their work. So, if you respect presentation in all matters of life, and want to bring together your loved ones for an event that brings together those rustic, traditional, and classical elements , consider using an invitation. They last much longer... and mean much more... than a few lines of text on a computer screen or phone.

Runway Photo Credit: Style.com, Marcio Madeira

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