Wednesday, December 24

Don't Break the Bank

1. Think outside the box:

Take it easy on the withdrawals and use that creative mind. The day after your wedding, you can look at your statement with pride. Think of your options and escape the ideals of conformity. You can save money and create sentiment simultaneously by using personal inspiration. Your mother's dress, your summer home, your grandmother's china are all parts of your history and perfect for creating nostalgic impressions. A family home can be used for your wedding, saving you thousands and making it a very intimate gathering. If you do go over budget, you can replenish your bank account but...

2. Dresses:

The bridesmaids are another thing. {It's the dress issue.} Do wrong by them and the forgiveness comes only after enough time heals the wounds...if you are lucky. {wink} Do yourself a favor and hook them, wrap them and style them pretty with dresses from Butter by Nadia for under $300. They are convertible numbers with some pretty creative options that even the celebs are loving. One dress, to fit any body type and style. The dresses have two prices for 2 lengths and many color options. You can purchase on the web at benny and or visit NYC for an appointment at two When you look at the price, should also consider the fact that they will LOVE them and actually wear them again. Pictured in the collage is a bridal option, free flowing and so inexpensive.

3. Creativity:

Ring: Etsy has the most unbelievable selections of jewelry for all tastes and price ranges. This Moissanite, Recycled 14k Gold, and Recycled Sterling Silver Wedding Ring, is made to order and for only $876 from McFarland Designs. The moissanite, "diamonds from space" originate from meteorites, so they are ultra pc and perfect for the conscious bride. Saving you thousands, leaving a sweet downpayment for a house that you can actually live in!

Flowers: My favorite florist, Cathy from Sprout has some great options for creating amazing centerpieces, simplistically and creatively. Showcase one element to create a fantastic presentation. It's all in the presentation. You can use whatever florals suit you and minimize cost by getting creative. Sprout is not short on that. So a good florist should be willing to think outside the box.

Invitations: Romance by eInvite is priced under $100 for 100 invitations. Visit our site and see just how many you have many to choose from in that price range. This line was created to offer great design at a great price. You'll want to send out invitations for Friday night cocktails, so maybe you should just stick to the wedding section!

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