Friday, April 9

Cherry Blossom Elegance

Hello and Happy Friday everyone! Today I’ve got a fresh breath of spring fever for you! Here on the east coast we were blessed with a beautiful week; full of sunshine, blue skies and warm breezes. Today however, it is rather grey and rainy, but my head is still filled with springtime lovliness. So, to keep the spirit alive, I thought I would share with you one of my favorite springtime sights…cherry blossoms!

There is just something so magical about walking along a cherry blossom lined sidewalk; with a canopy of beautiful pink flowers above ones head and below ones feet, it’s hard not to stop and appreciate nature’s beauty when doing so. Did you know that cherry blossoms are an omen of good fortune and are considered an emblem of love and affection? For this reason, I think they would make a wonderful theme and/or a beautiful backdrop for any wedding. Thinking about a cherry blossom themed wedding for you and your beu? Be sure to check out the lovely “Spring Cherry” invitation shown above. It is currently available on at 25% off until April 19th and would be the perfect introduction to such a wedding! Enjoy!

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